Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Picture 452
Okay, corny I must admit. Anyways, I was a invited by a friend to the Gallery Crawl in NODA last Friday. Went to Fu's Custom Tattoos shop for a show next door. I just showed up with my camera and shot a few things. I do not remember the name of the art show, but the them were Owls. Pretty cool show with the added real owls in the place. All my shots were rushed, it was packed at one point. I still wanted to show some of the art on display.

Picture 471
Picture 470
Picture 495
Picture 480
Picture 479
Picture 476
Picture 465
Picture 485
Picture 477
Picture 468
Picture 475
Picture 484
Picture 469
Picture 456
Picture 462
Picture 458
Picture 460
Picture 459
Picture 461
Picture 457
Picture 466

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