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Pagani Cinque Roadster


Just thought it was nasty that's all.



Tuesday, July 21, 2009



My Homie Maf Maddix has a good blog called MAD DECENT
It is one of favs to read on the regular.
you can check him out HERE

PHOTO: e.Lisha

Still Got Love For Ya.


Folks have asked me in the past why am I still really close
with some of my ex-girlfriends.
I think this is a good reason.
Military Pops who has trained her well,
For those that know that's her in that photo
Yep, She and I are still good.

Outskirts of Maryland


The belief is still the same.

BEAST Brand Premium


The Good friends at Beast have released some
new premium graphic tees and colorways.
BEAST also has a few things in store for the Holiday 2009 season.
Custom printed and American made.
Please check them out.
Support your Local Brands
Check them HERE

Big Blasts

I seen through you when we first met.
It took everybody a while to see what you were about.
After all what has happened nothing has changed you.
I can see you are trying to band 2gether
your only support against us.
No matter.
This is what happens when you try to gang up on us.
You'll catch a bad one.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Match Day


will be on the on the pitch for another campain with the
Nom de Hooligans(Nom de Guerre)
This Saturday..if your in NYC check them out.
It's looks like it'll be crazy fun
Good Luck homie.

SOURCE:Nene's Twitter


JP's New Footy and some New Edition.DOPE..Nuff said.


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The QC's finest Madwreck and Mattic just finished a new album.
They have it for free download until the hard copies are pressed up.
Download, Bump it, tell a friend, scoop a cd.
So Support the Local Heroes.

Download HERE

Check the ZKPRZ MyspaceHERE

Watch Ya Back

When I get back, I'm going to Slap a "Mean Brow Goomba"

Monday, July 13, 2009



Ms. Jasiatic has a new photo blog on 
Capturing people around the QC, It's very new, 
but she has a few faces you might know or reconize. 
See the rest HERE 

Maestro In the A and QC

Damn Alotta homies in this one.

Friday, July 10, 2009


The Street Local Sumer releases are HERE! 
Releasing Friday July 10, 2009
You can them at Standard Peachtree and Lenox Locations
Plus, we will have them at are online store on July 12, 2009
You can check the online shop HERE



Thursday, July 9, 2009


The 3rd release this friday is the "Locals Only" Skull Tee.
"When in doubt, draw a skull"


When I first heard about this proposal about this 5 on 5 MC battle, I didn't pay it any mind. I honestly thought it was so rumor floating around on the Internet or something. Then, I was hearing it in the streets and people wear asking me if I heard about it. Well, if you don't know about the "battle" here is the details. I guess back in March, on Youtube Mos is a little candid in front of some friends. Mos was addressing the "ranking" punkass MTV had on this so called "greatest MC alive" poll. Of course, MTV has no damn clue in the first place..Jay Z is at the top of the list(Sigh). Mos says in the youtube clip "Friend or Foe, I love all yall, but if your saying your better than Slick Rick, who is very alive and well, you are saying your better than Rakim, your saying your better than Black Thought-and the people making this claim has never had to defend this in an open forum."
Mos continued to say,"I ain't saying I'm better than them, but they certainly ain't better than me. I have no doubts about that's at all. I work at this. 
This ain't coming off of some pumped up ego swagger. I do this". 
He said that it was a friendly proposal and more about defending 
Slick Rick and Rakim more than anything. 
So The Mighty Mos Def proposes a "Battle of New Orleans" in the Superdome to straighten this all out. Oh yeah 10 million dollar pot, with 5 million going to charity, and on pay-per-view.
It's going to be a couple of different battles in the same event. 

(Marching Band)
Morgan State Vs. Grambling 
Biz Markie Vs. Kid Capri
(B-Boy Battle)
Korea vs. France
Kanye West vs. Swizz Beats
(5 on 5 MC battle)
Captain: Mos Def and
Nas, Black Thought, MF DOOM, Jay Electronica
Jay Z 
and any 4 he wants.
In my opnion he would take Eminem, Andre 3000, Jadakiss, Lil' Wayne
maybe Redman, Royce 5'9, Talib for kicks, I don't know. Just my opinion though. 
I don't think Jay Z would even attempt this, he has WAY too much to LOSE.
I would love to see it, I liked Jay honestly but the best? Naw brotha.
LL Cool J has been doing this for how long..yeah whatever.
As long as I can remember, that MCs have always said they were the best. That is okay, mad MCs have been called out on wax, videos, on stage. The deaths of Tupac and Biggie have changed the whole thing now. You know folks taking that shit to heart. Dudes on youtube get punched in the face with the whole "Mad cuz I'm Stylin' on You." thing.
The "beefs" now are wack it's all about sales now. I mean Rick Ross vs. Eminem..really.
If Rick Ross had Canibus write his raps, he'd still lose. Okay, the 50 and Ja thing ..funny..but still wack. I think it would be so good for Hip Hop as culture, Charity, and help New Orleans with the rebuilding of the city. But, he wouldn't do it. For those us that know, Okay, Mos freestyles are nasty, Nas nuff said, and Black Thought mad people sleep on him. That dude is so nasty really listen to The Roots albums..I mean really LISTEN. Zeb Love X aka MF DOOM..whew! Doom vs. Marshall would be good to see. I'm not sure about Jay Electronica as far as freestyle thou, I just haven't heard him. I know this Jay against Mos, Jay is done. I don't care. Fuck you and what your talking about. Straight up. I would love to see him DESTROYED. 
Then when all the dust settles and he can't talk shit anymore. 
I will be the first to say..
Jigga what, Jigga who?


Wednesday, July 8, 2009



Using union imagery is a dichotomous way of reflecting on both our solidarity as a cohesive unit, and the history of menswear. Being that in the past, the clothes a man wore were dictated almost exclusively by his profession. Also, fabrics and hardware for clothing manufacturing were produced almost exclusively by unionized labor. An artist by the name of RALPH CHAPLIN did the original version of this in 1917 for The INDUSTRY WORKERS OF THE WORLD Being that this graphic is a strong symbol for what we stand for in Street Local we updated it by adding all ethnicities within the graphic. Todays modern workforce is a melting pot of many cultures and influences so we made that a key factor in our design.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009





Lockheed-Martin, with over 146,000 employees worldwide, is the worlds largest defense contractor. Having their primary point of production in Atlanta, they employ thousands of people and in turn, help support and provide for thousands of local families. Lockheed is one of the biggest gears in the mechanism of Atlanta’s economy, which is why they are saluted here, in our aeronautics graphic.

Available Friday at Standard and our online shop.

Stay tuned we have more.

It's Time For A Change...

It'll be different, I'll miss "them" but it's time though.
(Sidenote) Nore and The Neptunes Collabs use to be so good.

New StreetLocal Shirt Release (Censored): On Sale Friday


We'll will be posting one shirt per day until the release this Friday. 
Check back tomorrow for more info.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Rythm Rooftop Fotos


These are the photos from Oh Snap Kid's site.
As you can see We had fun, the very last photo with
Sophe Nix (right) and her homegirl Janelle (middle)
just wanted to say..they're so dope.
See the rest HERE