Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Lost Art Form of Artistic Artistry art show by: Wolly Vinyl

"An exhibition that explores the concept of creation and creativity. In order for one to truly value and respect what has been created, at times it is necessary to see from which it came. The blue print to creativity is in the DNA of what is being created and by whom it is made. The female being the most complex and beautiful creation of all, the balance and outcome of these elements and the lost idea of creating from passion and desire rather than to fit molds or be accepted are the driving force of the work for show." -wOlly Vinyl
Picture 1484
Picture 1487
Picture 1488
Picture 1490
Picture 1492
Picture 1493
Picture 1494
Picture 1500
Picture 1501
Picture 1502
Picture 1503
Picture 1505
Picture 1509
Picture 1510
Picture 1513
Picture 1520
Picture 1523
Picture 1527
Picture 1528
Picture 1529
Picture 1530
Picture 1531
Picture 1532
Picture 1533
Picture 1534
Picture 1536
Picture 1551

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