Monday, December 29, 2008


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It's so convenient to be a DJ now..
Oh I'm sorry to play music because that's not DJing.
That DJ title is not to be giving out so easily.
I know nobody wanted to DJ when you had to haul
all those milk crates full of records every damn where.
I know who wants to carry a hundreds crates anymore?
Serato is cool..but this like seriously?
Whatever, I guess I'm bitchin' again.
I have seen, DJ Mix Master Mike and DJ Qbert together
@ World War 4 in San Jose back in 94'.
I have seen Grand Master Flash, Jam Master Jay(RIP),
Jazzy Jeff(Inventor of the Transformer Scratch)
DJ Scratch from Epmd), Beat Junkies,
The X-Ecutioners, DJ Premier, and Klever.
I mean way to many real DJ to name.
I guess those guys are more Turntablist.
Oh well whatever you get the point.
but dude is on a stool, not even a table.
And you want me to respect that bullshit?
Fuck You Never.

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