Thursday, June 25, 2009

DAAAMMMM!! (In Martin Lawrence's voice)


While I was finishing up browsing through the "Sloppy Seconds" photos from Atlanta. I wanted to check out the new photos that 
TheMidnightSocialite posted on his site. So I see "Playboy Pajamas"?? I'm like huh? Anything with Playboy in anything...I'm looking. 
I love women..and you wanna add Playboy..well..enough said.
I have no idea who she is, don't care really at all. 
Fake or pockets ain't deep, I'm not a celeb, 
no wicked jumpshot and ain't selling crackrock. 
So I have no shot...bumbaclot!!
All I know, I gotta get in where I fit in. 
I need to get into these parties HERE

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Few Redeeming Qualities.... said...

son, tanzanian and swedish, a deadly combo. where did her parents meet, a World Health Organization meeting. bless the both.