Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Getting Grown


I had a conversation with a woman that I'm just friends with, about age, style, and "growing up". The discussion itself came from the both of us talking about marriage(not to each other), it was more of the day itself. Again, not to each other.I'm listening to things that she would like, the dress, who will be there , etc etc etc. Well, I don't care about all those extra things, I just wanted to wear sneakers at my wedding. The reaction for her was like I said I wanted to kick a baby deer in the head while going down the aisle or something. It was like she had never heard anyone wearing sneakers to a formal event or wedding. I had to go to Sole Collector and find evidence to support what I was saying. This young lady put it on her facebook to try to prove I was out of mind or something. The responses back were mixed some women said "hell to the naw" and some said just as long as he says yes, and means it they were okay with it. To each is own, and I fully understand that coming from both sides. I just said what I would like to do, is where sneakers to "My" wedding. Oh wait, and it's not just any sneaker I want to wear to my wedding. It is the Jordan 11, I still love my Jordan 4's but, but the Jordan 11 "Space Jam" is classy.


That conversation really didn't go anywhere but for her to say that she would call the wedding off..simple as that. Then, are debate continued with her telling me about how I was going to dress at 50 years old still wearing sneakers. I was thinking my Dad wears sneakers, old dudes I see walking in my neighborhood, I see mad folks wear sneakers. I got a little defensive when she went to when are you going to "grow up" meaning my style. I'm not sure if t-shirts and jeans will ever go out of style anytime soon. That's as American and everyday as you can get, jeans and a tee. Okay, now if you 50 years old and your wearing an all-over print Tupac Thug Life tee, you might want to re-think your steez. Not saying it's wrong, shit wear what's comfy to you. I continued to tell my friend about different brands, cuts, styles, and cost. The styles of clothes that I really like are very costly, that "high end street wear" shit.

It goes back to me thinking, like just because you are a certain age do have to dress like that? Yes there are so many scenarios and things, but if you dress like you have some sense it should be ok. I wear minimal design tees, I wear nudie or levis jeans, I always have a beanie or a hat on my head. I mean yeah I'm a few years older than most of the crew, but do I need to wear a "Cosby Sweater"? That's that Killa Kali in me to just let things be natural and come into my own when I'm ready. I see that I am growing in every aspect in my life as each day goes by. With things going on in my life right is making look at the world so different. I think that is reflecting in the way I approach things in my life, including the way I dress and feel. Yeah, the Air Yeezy's are still dope to me, it was some old school middle/high school shit for me. It still comes back to what makes you fell good and comfortable in the end.


I have had this conversation several times with two ex-girlfriends before, about "growing up" and not "wanting to change" so they say. It's funny to me, because they just wanted me to do what they said. Haha, and you know your boy I have one Mother and that's it. The ladyfriend I started this conversation with said she likes dudes that can switch it up too. She was saying thug, business, casual, flip-flops. etc etc. Going from the suit they wear at Wachovia, then thinking they are cool with an ED Hardy tee and Supras, then wear flip flops on Sunday to brunch ain't switching it up. That is an all out poser if I say so myself, heard of, damn thugs wearing flip flops and works at Wachovia in the daytime..FAIL FAIL FAIL.

I am still hanging in there and take one day at a time up in Maryland. Reading, watching, listening, everyday with what life is giving me. Trying to make a way in this world and my experiences and knowledge to guide me. I didn't really go through me being defensive and all I said in that conversation in detail. Just felt for someone to say when am I going to grow up,
and hasn't known me long..kind of got to me. That's ok, she will never get that far anyways so it's no matter. Anyways, no matter what anyone says..stay true to you and that's all that matters. That is what makes us all individuals, and having free will to think for ourselves.
That old saying "clothes make the man"..ehh that's not always the case. Just because one man wears a suit, and the other in a tee, makes neither one better than the other. I don't know, after all this I am over the whole thing now. I'm not going to worry about how people view me, because they will be wrong, anyways. I'm good ladies, you either except the man I am, or not..simple..compromise..maybe.
Plus, women come and go, but Jordans are forever.


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Allogenes said...

The world has many levels to its cake and some can only see the surface. In the end, their lack of Insight and depth will be their detriment in the next life. Life is about so much more. rock on homie..