Tuesday, June 8, 2010

M.Cont...Heavy Dosage.

Before I get to the photos, People have been asking where I get my photos from. I get them from a few places..if you must know. First, I honestly come up with things as I'm sitting here in my chair in front of my computer. I just start thinking about inspirations or things that I'm into. I Love Life, family, friends, skateboarding, cars, guns, Bruce Lee, Villains, graffiti, Real Hip Hop, fashion, sneakers, sarcastic sayings, world and social issues, President Obama, kids having fun being kids, soccer, movies, and especially the womans' body..just to name a few things. So there is no one website or whatever I get these snaps from. I go off what I'm feeling and try to convey that through the photos on this blog. That's all...glad you like them. So...

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