Tuesday, June 8, 2010

"ART OF DOPE" artshow.

"The “Art of Dope” is a series of shows that play off of drug culture, done through artistic expression in order to bring awareness to whats going on in our society, there will also be an art book published to accompany the work and explain the concepts and ideas behind the “Art of Dope”. This show is to merely bring awareness and will cover all elements, positive and negative. However, the Art of Dope also has an underlying theme. Not only would the artwork cover drug subject matter, but we’re playing off of the art actually being a drug itself. The actual physical artwork in the show becomes the metaphor for uncontrolled substances and how society tends to deal with it.
“Dope” art."-Kiser.

This past weekend, I went to the ArtHouse in Noda to check out homie's GodCity new art show named the "Art Of Dope". DJ Enlil was on the wheels providing the soundclash. I took a few photos of the their artwork on display. Good Times..and oh yeah Gerald Biggers get the gasface.
GodCity..still DOPE.
Picture 1165
Picture 1166
Picture 1167
Picture 1169
Picture 1170
Picture 1171
Picture 1173
Picture 1175
Picture 1176
Picture 1177
Picture 1178
Picture 1183
Picture 1180
Picture 1181
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Picture 1187
Picture 1168
Picture 1188
Picture 1185
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