Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Red Bull Manny Mania Charlotte

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This past HOT ass Saturday, the RED BULL MANNY MANIA event rolled through. Not only was it in town, it was on the block called Camden. Oh yeah, right in front of the Camden staple Fat Burrito(which I had a little earlier today) If you would like a quick overview of what Manny Mania is, well I will try to explain. I'm pretty sure Joey Brezinski was at the helm to get this type of technical contest rolling. The contest revolves around one trick, which is the Manual. If your sure what a manual is, basically balancing on either the front or back two wheels.

It's not a contest to see how long you can balance on two wheels down the street. This contest is more on sliding, grinding, flipping in and flipping out, and make sure you throw a manual in there somewhere, the possibilities are insane. I just purchased my new camera, so I didn't really get to test it out to much before the event. My card was too small, so I had to delete photos during the event. While I was doing that, tricks were going down and I missed great tricks. I will be better prepared and on point next time. Ryan Flynn was there with a CANON EOS-1 and more, I know his name with photo credits from Focus Skateboarding Magazine. Let's just say about Ryan, that's a bad man. It was a great turnout at the event, even with it being 100 degrees outside. I'm glad everyone stayed cool with refreshments and shade provided by RED BULL. My boy Joe aka DJ Spclgst (Special Guest) who straight up killed it all day long on the Huge Red Bull truck.

The BLACKSHEEP SKATESHOP crew was in full effect and in attendance. Blacksheep/Camden homies OJ Farrar, Ian Isenhour, Danny Delvin, Travis Kirkpatrick, Micah Mcswain, and Blake Spencer were in the contest. I know Bluetile Skates in Columbia, SC, Ruin Skateshop out of Atlanta, were all there.
It's been a while since I shot any moving objects, so It click it'll it was to late. Meaning I had a full card, it would have been better if I had some sequence shots. Anyways, It was HOT, had alot of fun, I got to see the Camden boys skate, good times. Oh yeah, thanks Audrey @RedBull for hooking a homie up.

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Final Results
1. Matt Fink
2. Scotty Moore
3. Connor Champion

For More on the event click here @SKATEPARK OF TAMPA


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