Monday, February 9, 2009

Words For The Puff??

I give Puff alotta shit..well because it's Puff.
Puff actually made good sense on this one.
Things that my friends have been talking about for about for years.
I know DJs that have been doing it for 16 years
all the way down to 3 months.
I have friends that are spinning that have changed,
because in Charlotte if you play something that
is not on WPEG or played at the bullshit clubs Uptown.
You will clear the dance floor because they can't sing along.
People are not open to different music in general.
I will at least give it a try before I completely dislike it.

I was at the Grad on Central last night with the crew hanging out.
Of course, DJ Enlil was spinning and it was some weird shit going down.
Frazier was playing Jazz samples of Hip Hop classics..
I mean ones that make go "OH SHIT!!"..
gotta be a head to roll with us.
4 guys came out asking to play T.I., Jezzy, or Lil' Wayne.
I mean there are plenty of clubs you can hear that shit.
One girl tried to give Fraz a cd from her car.
Two drunk girls were messing with him..
one had the balls to try to scratch
on the serato and fucked up and cut the music off
by knocking the whole shit off track..
he just yelled at her and keep spinning.
He's better than me..I wouldn't have put my hands on her..
but a dropkick in the teeth might have went down.
If anybody knows Fraz he will never conform to the norm
he continued to play his set, and since they tried his patience.
he played no Hip Hop
He killed it like usual, some so-called dope boys left
the B-Boys, the old heads, more folks came in,
the drunks playing Wii,
the guy with crutches who has dancing too.
The hoods
With all that mess, DJ Enlil still did his thing.

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Few Redeeming Qualities.... said...

wow, she touched the serato and lived. very fortunate. shine on enlil