Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Gabrielle vs.Sanaa

I was shopping in the Inner Harbor East Whole Foods in Baltimore last week. In the deli section, I overheard a conversation between two guys. The talk between these two brothas (black men) was kind of strange. Well, it was strange because this has come across many black men minds including my own. Simply put, Sanaa Lathan or Gabrielle Union..enough said. Okay, yes it is very clear that most men having these conversations most likely haven't got a shot in hell to even stand next to..let alone take it further. While I was pretending to be looking at desserts in the in the deli, I eavesdrop(not easedrop)on the two dudes debate.


First, neither one could figure out if Gabrielle or Sanaa which one looks better.
In my opinion, they are both fine as hell and would be up to the individual of what he likes. For me, I guess the small things are in important in a woman. If you were in that six degrees of Denzel Washington "Black Hollywood" crowd, you would probably know a little of what type of person the two of them are. Since we don't, we have to go on straight up just looks. I don't know, it's kind off tough call to me. They both have very beautiful women, beautiful brown eyes, a beautiful smile, and sexy lips. I guess by you watching a movie with them in it will help you make a decision. I think if I can recall flipping the channels and seen Sanaa on the show Nip/Tuck and she was looking amazing. I have Bad Boys I and II on a box set and Gabrielle is looking just as good.The perception is that Gabrielle is a good girl and Sanaa is a little on the bad side. I mean it may be true or not, that's just what I've read in interviews and such.


Well, I was going to go into this whole comparison of both of these women. I mean hell they already have compete for roles in movies. Truth is, I don't know either one, pretty doubtful if I will. I think if any man had a chance to he wouldn't be complaining..not one bit. Well, one of my favorite basketball players Jason Kidd dumped Miss Union in high school. Then, she was got divorced to Chris Howard of the Jacksonville Jaguars. Now she single again looking..so she says. After the movie "Love and Basketball" you knew Omar Epps and her was getting married, but that didn't happen. Adewale Ogunleye of the Chicago Bears is dating her now. You got to roll in those circles to have access..sorry. I didn't really stick around for the whole conversation the two cats had, they just went back and forth. They really didn't come to any agreement, but they were both fine as hell. That's basically the same thing I said. So without knowing them you can't really go on anything else.
I will just say my choice would be Miss Union, the beautiful brown skin, the face, the eyes, those lips, my lawd. that's all I'm going to say.



Few Redeeming Qualities.... said...

i cannot argue with you, nor make a convincing arguement to back my next statement, i am going with my "gut" on this. Sanaa is my fav and has been since she got "thick" in Dissappering Acts and got dunked on in Love & Basketball. Lawd G-zus, you might say. she needs to go in hiding once i cash in the oversized PowerBall check

CHD:WCK! said...

they're both amazing, and as you said, it really just comes down to preference.
but i'm also going to have to go with sanaa. i like that she's a little heavier than gabby, and she has that powerful lionness thing going for her.
if the roles they played were indication of personality, i'd go with ms. union. but they're both actresses. i have no idea what they're REALLY like. so again, sanaa gets my vote.

Allogenes said...

I want them for different things...that's all ima say.

~Chyesssss peaces.