Thursday, August 6, 2009

Let The Music Play

This is a old complaint of mine since I moved to the south. I never could understand DJs and so called DJs that would conform to the norm. What I mean to conform to the crowd, the girl asking to play her favorite song because today is your birthday. I know way to be selectors and there is only one or two that don't give a fuck, they play for themselves. I'm not sure why people feel the need to bother the DJ anyways. I mean does he come to your job and harass the hell outta you..nope. Still there are a few of you that have started off "for the cause" and eventually bended and conformed to the masses. I know shit, gotta pay bills..but what's next? I don't know, you know who you are, I'll will continue to go to the spots ONLY when certain DJ's are spinning. I know what I'm getting out of it, and he may but me on something. If they asks for Gucci Mane, tell you don't have it, shit don't say oh I'll play it soon. They are just going to keep up to the booth until you play it.

Stanky leg, Jill Scott, Mary J, Right said Fred, who the fuck ever, they will bug the shit outta you for the song. After a man clearly old enough to my Dad or uncle had the nerve to ask my homie that was DJ playing Stevie Wonder "As" to complain about the music??!! Stevie Wonder..yes a older black man complaining about Stevie Wonder? I know there are a few artist, black artist you can't say SHIT about. James Brown, Stevie Wonder, Prince, just off the top of my head. I mean how you gonna complain and ask to play something so he can get closer to some lady he was dancing with? Um..has he ever heard the song "As"?? What he want Khia's "My Neck My Back" shit?!

So DJs feel that pressure to play what the crowd wants. Which is okay, but to a point you gotta draw the line. I feel ya about a clear dance floor, nobody wants that empty feeling. Hey I watched the youtube video that Puffy put a message out to all DJs around the world. The message was simple.."have the heart to CLEAR the dance floor." I mean coming from Puffy was a shock, but it was good and I was impressed. I had lost faith in Sean a long time ago, but he got a little of my respect back again on that one. Fuck the radio they don't know shit. It always starts from the underground first.
Play good tunes, and, earn a stripe.
Play bullshit, and lose 50 stripes..seen?