Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Aint this a bitch.


D.M.N. was my tag back in High School you biters.
Flattery naw, I mean seriously???
The story comes from me and a friend was about to jump a fence with a "Danger" sign on it.
This was in the early 90's, so can understand how long ago this was.
My friend says,"The sign says DANGER, but I'm going to get my name up regardless."
I say to him,"let's do it, that DANGER signs MEANS NOTHING to us."
We proceeded in got up that night. And that's it. I'm not sure if it's a coincidence or not.
I don't think so. Don't care if your overseas in Collette.
Plus I've blogging under this name since Dec 07'..hmmm.
I think the shit is wack and that's it. KILL YOURSELF.

My first banner for the blog in DEC 07'
Which is World Industries Pro Skater Ron Chatman,
I picked out and KhanOne added the letters.


I used the picture from Hero and KhanOne added the same letters.


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