Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Get Cha Boy

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This past Sunday, Dom and I are at the bar downstairs
in the lobby in the Hyatt in downtown Atlanta. Like everybody else at the bar/grill was watching the later games on football Sunday. Dom is having a beer, I had a few Sprite sodas that had my bladder insane. Most of the guests there in the lobby like us had rooms at the Hyatt. All except your boy here. Before I took this photo here, I didn't get the photo of him flossing his teeth. Yeah..flossing..with about a yard worth of floss. I was looking so hard, I forgot to pull the phone out in time to catch the moment.
Then he had his shoes off, while eating something from a place outside the Hyatt Hotel. Which is not a problem, but he didn't have a room there either LMAO. Your boy just walked in and kicked off and his shoes and had his feet up, watched some of the game, ate his food, flossed his teeth, and kicked back like he was at the crib. Finally, He got kicked out by security after about 45 mins.
Dom and I left to roll to Hooters down the street on Peachtree. Yep you guessed it right Your boy was up in there chillin'. Good thing they had ATL finest up in there so He didn't get gangsta with it. Anyways, I thought I'd share that with you.
Do Better..Tighten Up.

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