Thursday, January 8, 2009

Slang Editorial

It was brought to my attention in the past about my grammar,
misspelled words, run-on sentences, etc etc on DMN.
Some of my friends, readers, and critics that have read my blog
have pointed this out to me recently.
I have been told that the way I write,
comes off as if you are talking directly to me.
You know "Slanguage"
I'm not sure if that means,
I speak in broken language, bad grammar, and run-on sentences.
(On DMN)
When I was in school, English was one of my best and favorite classes.
I am not sure what happened with my verbal skills over time,
but they have kind of fallen off...heavy.
I have a good friend who is the editor of Creative Loafing in Charlotte.
I am slacking on taking his writing class, but I will take it soon.
I believe the blog is a extension of myself,
From the name all the way down to the punctuations.
My likes, dislikes, and concerns on anything that comes to mind.
When an idea comes in mind to blog about it, my mind is racing fast.
Sometimes, it comes out a little hectic and out of wack.
So, I could be apologizing for destroying a paragraph on the regular.
Hopefully, you can still follow me and understand what I'm trying to say.
Again, it's not The New York Times..
Just rants from MYK..
Thanks for reading.

1 comment:

Few Redeeming Qualities.... said...

its a blog. what do they expect. unless you are trying to get a book deal out of this. look at me. i know two languages and frg, cannot exist without the slanguage. tighten it up when you are writing a thesis. after a good glance and spellcheck, and its official.