Wednesday, January 21, 2009



I wrote an entry in the past on DMN about my inspiration behind
getting on Track word..Massan.
I guess I went overboard because he had risers,
I got risers..when everybody else had drop bars.
He had a blue bike..mine was blue too.
He likes GangStarr..and you already know that answer.
I was just inspired to ride fast..
blast through traffic and see the city in a different way.
Skating through the city is fun too..but I don't know
anybody in Charlotte down to skate through the city..
over 26 years old.
Here is his MashSF part.
Shouts to Noda Velo, Camden, and everybody riding.


Noda Velo Crew said...

Peace MYK?

King Alga said...

Oh wee!!!
Dope part, Riding to Militia made me want to get a bike!!
You want Bumpy's heart/
You got to have Bumpy's Chest