Saturday, January 17, 2009

Blu Magazine 1 year Party

I have a couple of photos from the party that I took with my camera.
I didn't take that many photos because..
I was taken photos with everyone else.
As photos surface I will get those on here too.
So you can get all and all what went down.
It was cool, the homie Prince Presto did work as usual.
The Crooks were present.
Radar's beard was also present.Haha
Pimp's, hoes, players, johns, tricks, marks,
mark-ass tricks, trick-ass marks, skeezers,
skanks, skig-scags, and skallywhops..
were also present.
Again More photos to come.

Picture 597
Picture 609
Picture 608
Picture 598
Picture 599
Picture 605-1
Picture 601-1
Picture 612-1
Picture 604
Picture 607-1
Picture 613-1

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