Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Vision

It is something very true about every artist has a type of vision. For us as skateboarders we also have that vision. I'm always distracted when I drive down the street and see the "possibilities" of something good. It almost reminds me of a dog when it sees a bird or a squirrel. It even happens when a woman walks by with a nice ass, and you have no choice but to react. Well, maybe those two examples are not even close to what the "vision" is. I know for me riding through downtown or anywhere for that matter, is it crazy when it comes seeing things that look skate-able. In one glance, I look at the handrail itself, is it round, square, height, and length. I haven't skated a handrail since 93' anyways, so it would might be a little rough. It's everywhere, blank canvases all around us in this world waiting for a mark. It may be stairs, a manual pad, a curb, a bike rack, a gap, an incline, whatever it may be. I don't even skate much anymore, and I still notice without even trying. You can ask Jason Waters if anyone has even tried to "Step Hop" or "No-Comply" the planter at CVS on Central Ave. Jason saw me try, he told me "damn that's a good idea, never thought of that." We are skating at the same spot and are vision are even different.

It even goes back to the individual and their art form and his own interpretation.
I mean we skate on architecture which is basically art and science, the same came be said in skateboarding. It's not a sport no matter what the X-games, Mountain Dew, and the Maloof Cup say. Jason Dill said in Transworld's "Anthology" video, skateboarding is art. The science of the ollie and tre flips..that's science. I remember this commercial on the DC website years ago when they had this campaign. I think Devine is on riding for Etnies anyways, they both(DC)are mall kicks to me anyways. Just a thought while spring is coming around, and my board is ready for some action. I most likely went of subject and it might not even be grammatically correct. You can take your red pen and mark all you want. It is my blog..bite me.

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